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Arakyta is driven by passion

Arakyta is known for our obsession with operating detail and problem discovery. We work to deliver fresh insights, transformative thinking and workforce engagement to ensure your organization’s evolution. Our Interruptive Process Therapy™ provides a fresh focus on things that matter. Arakyta people are multi-disciplined, deploying solutions that integrate current technology,financial clarity and innovation with improved workflow and real-time decision-making intelligence.

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We have extensive experience working in the not-for-profit industry. From discounts in technology to grant tracking and reporting, Arakyta provides turnkey services for growing non-profit organizations. Our solutions are crafted to provide the highest level of back-office business support, so Executive Directors can focus on growing the mission of the organization. We successfully provide packages of highly experienced skillsets when you need it - at prices that make sense. Some of the Arakyta services that work well with non-profit Customers are:

  • ySphere – Fully managed IT services
  • Finance Director Service – Budgeting, Grant Reporting, Audit Support, Board Reports
  • Bookkeeping Service – AR/AP, Payroll, Reports

Health Care

Patient data security is critical to the Healthcare industry. Arakyta understands HIPPA and can help businesses secure and control data, increase efficiency and better internal communication. Our skilled team has the ability to break down processes to their basic parts, automate workflow and reporting. Our tremendous experience working with disparate systems ensures that new tools work with existing platforms. Some Arakyta services that are popular with healthcare Customers are:

  • Custom Intranets – Share internal information, Track documents and changes
  • Dashboards and Workflow – Tie systems together and management reports
  • ySphere – Fully managed IT services
  • Billing Services – Medicare claims processing


Manufacturing is a complicated business. There are many moving pieces to keep tabs on in order to continue successful product delivery and happy customers. Owners and management often get numb to some of the things that happen on a daily basis where time is wasted, information is duplicated or physical files move through the office. Often, these things can be replaced or consolidated into a paperless system that shortens the cycle and improves production capacity or lowers cost. Popular products Arakyta provides to manufacturing are:

  • Process Discovery – Detailed breakdown of procedure/process with report
  • System Integration – Custom software for disparate data platforms
  • ySphere – Fully managed IT services
  • Finance Director Services – Budgets, Cashflow Reporting, Financial Statements, Process

Small & Medium Businesses

Arakyta understands SMB, it’s our home court advantage. Businesses get started for a reason and in many cases the ‘back office’ parts of an operation are not where they should be. We have always excelled at doing the things others don’t do or can’t do very well. This allows management/owners to stay focused on their core products and customer satisfaction. Some of the Arakyta products that fit well in the small and medium business spare are:

  • Private Cloud Hosting – Remove server risk and downtime while lowering expenses
  • ySphere – Fully managed IT services
  • Bookkeeping Services – Outsource option for AR/AP, Payroll, Financial Reports
  • System Integration – Custom software for disparate data platforms

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