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Let’s Get Together!

We’ve found that the best way to get conversations started with new partners is to meet face-to-face. It doesn’t take long – usually by the time a round of coffee or cocktails are done, a direction is established.

Sorry, are we moving too fast?

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Feel free to pick a team member to meet!

Get to know each other better.

Dennis Schroder

Founder & CEO

Cortney Schaefer

President and Executive Management Consultant

Lori Tuckerman

Director of Operations

Tom Massetti

Product Development Manager

Kellie Loar

Senior Financial Consultant

Tracey Smith

Senior Business Consultant

Terrah Schaefer

Business Consultant

Susie Myrice

Business Consultant

Jacob Preston

Senior System Engineer

Andy Ciesler

Field Technician

Nancy Hupp

Senior Sharepoint Administrator

Deanna Dress

Helpdesk and Office Admin Intern

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