Arakÿta can customize your O365 site and custom Azure applications for your organization-specific needs. We will work with your executive team leaders to ensure that we choose the right path for your required customization.

Our capabilities and services:

  • Workflow development
  • Template customization
  • Teams integrations
  • O365 and Azure app development
  • Search customization with metadata
  • Office 365 app integration (PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Forms, Delve and other apps)
  • Enterprise application integration

Governance Plan

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals. Every organization has unique needs and goals that influence its approach to governance. Larger organizations will probably require more—and more detailed—governance than smaller organizations.

  • Streamline the deployment of products and technologies, such as SharePoint, Teams and Custom Azure Applications
  • Help keep your organization’s system secure and compliant
  • Help ensure the best return on your investment in technology

SharePoint Branding and Sub-sites

Branding continuity allows you to leverage custom design options that extend your existing marketing and branding efforts into O365. Branding ensures that employees are getting the same look and feel across the organization. Branding and Design is a key ingredient to any collaboration effort and with increased collaboration and communication comes increased efficiency, improved productivity and reduced costs.

Branding and Subsite Services Include

    • Custom sub-site pages
    • Custom themes and layouts

Our development team will walk you through the design process with a well-defined statement of work and mockups to achieve the final goal.

O365 Migration

We can migrate your data from many different repositories, such as in-house or hosted email, file-share(s), Google Drive, Gmail, DropBox, Documentum, just to name a few. Implementing a successful migration requires a well-defined plan from your existing applications to O365. Arakÿta has worked with many organizations since 2002 to migrate content to SharePoint and now O365.



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