Encrypt, Retain and Report

Need to meet regulatory encryption and retention compliance?  ÿDoc Vault keeps your transaction files 100% encrypted throughout the entire process but makes it easy to do historical queries for audit purposes or for internal research. Write once, read many (WORM) technology is employed, so that no files may ever be overwritten, modified or deleted, ensuring your gold standard records stay intact.


Easily Accessible

Ease of use makes or breaks a tool. We have designed ÿDoc Vault with ease of use in mind. A clean and intuitive interface based on Microsoft Office makes working in the application effortless. A single window to do all queries and view results means faster access to your data.


Integration and Migration

ÿDoc Vault has partnered with Forms Logic, the premier forms management and entry tool in the market to provide long term retention for their platform. We also created a solution to ingest and present Docupace transactional and historical data, so your company no longer needs to retain access to Docupace.

Paper documents – applications, agreements, legal documents, compliance and disclosures, letters, memos, reports, proposals and presentations – cost financial services organizations hundreds or even thousands of dollars every week in paper, time, storage and audit requests. In addition, paper-based processes can make the onboarding process inefficient, which can lead to poor customer experiences.

ÿDoc Vault is a future-proof, digital document management system for financial services that provides a better, automated way of organizing, digitizing, storing, and accessing all your completed business documents, all the while, being able to complete tasks that involve those documents.


Make Your Digital Assets Available to Multiple Workflows

A secure, central online repository of all your legacy documents and smart contracts, ÿDoc Vault makes your digital assets instantly accessible while facilitating enhanced operational workflows and integration with downstream systems.

  • Meets FINRA, SEC and CFTC retention guidelines and WORM rules, fully 17a-4(f) compliant document archival system
  • Provides seamless Forms Logic integration
  • Expedites audits by quickly producing records on demand
  • Reduces the cost of document storage and retrieval
  • Stores smart contracts and revision audit trails
  • Improves client onboarding and other processes/workflows
  • Integrates with downstream systems
  • Supports a wide range of reporting and business intelligence requirements
  • Historical access to all transactions
  • Microsoft Azure based data-center storage
  • Full reporting based on any metadata criteria
  • Complete audit trail of transactions