Contact Information To report problems or request services for technology support:

  • Help Desk Phone: Locally (419) 842-8410 or toll free (833) 721-2052

Assistance will normally be available by phone from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday, except when the Arakyta Helpdesk is closed due to holidays. The queue will be monitored for high and critical tickets 24/7/365. Technicians will respond to Critical tickets only after normal hours and on weekends.

Requests via email will generate a ticket in our Helpdesk Queue. The response time will be designated by priority.

Log in and submit a ticket through the Portal, detailed instructions and training on portal use is available.

Priorities and Response Times

The helpdesk will use the following guidelines to prioritize requests and will strive to resolve the problem within the target timeframe. Actual resolutions may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time.

Initial Contact From Technician Time
If no progression made on fix, time when issue will be escalated to higher tier tech
Completion Time

Affects more than five individuals; or is mission critical and there is no workaround available.

Examples: O365 outage or other managed services are not functional; network is not available; office computing technology is not functioning, Unable to work.

Will call or page technicians for immediate response. Follow-up communication with vendor software packages as appropriate. 1 hour Within 4 hours or as advised by software vendor support staff.
Response Time
Completion Time

Affects one to five individuals, no workaround available.

Example: Computer with critical data won’t boot, Unable to work

Within 4 hours Within 6 hours Within 1 working day
Medium Affects fewer than five people, workarounds available. Setup or modification of user accounts
Example: Can’t check e-mail from one computer, but could use OWA Webmail from another computer.
Within 1 working day Within 2 working days Within 3 working days

No effect on productivity, or unsupported software. A service request that does not require immediate attention or involves long range planning.

Examples: Monitor showing black and white instead of color. CD player has no sound, phishing email was received.

Within 3 working days and/or next scheduled maintenance visit. Within 4 working days Within 5 working days and/or next scheduled maintenance visit.

Critical or very important requests should be phoned in to the Arakyta Helpdesk to ensure an immediate response. Calls will be escalated to the proper support groups within the Arakyta Team. After hours voice mail is available

*Arakyta staff reserves the right to edit the priority of any ticket based on the criteria and detail of the reported issue.*

*Users will be reached out to a maximum of 3 times total, through a combination of email and phone. If user does not respond, a notation will be made in the ticket and the ticket closed. User can reopen ticket by replying to the message or calling our helpdesk line.*