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Serving passionate businesses with over 25 staff

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Introducing arakÿta

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Who do we serve?

This is for small and medium-sized businesses, who:

Experience downtime and frustration due to unmaintained IT.
Are sick and tired of being distracted by IT - and want to concentrate on work.
Do not want to take on a full-time IT employee, with all the costs involved.
List a cool feature: Uncover every single software and hardware inefficiency
List a cool feature:Adopt the best possible technology, complete with training and support

Exhausted with lousy PC's & WiFi?

Do you have anything less than 100% uptime? How does your downtime affect your business?

Does your current IT-person need help?

Do you find your current provider to be slow to respond, or incapable of performing as required?

Are your digital processes outdated?

Is communication sloppy? Perhaps remote work is not efficient or secure?

Aching to leave all issues behind?

Not sure about your security? A simple hack or leak can bring any business to its knees.

IT Management for passionate businesses

Dennis Schroder, CEO
Arakÿta is an IT services provider who manages and supports the IT of your small / medium-sized business.

We offer peace of mind regarding IT; guaranteeing up-time, providing immediate support, mitigating security-related risk and optimizing IT processes.

We ensure that you can stay focused on your work, collaborate effectively from any location or device - and ensure the security of your systems.

All while focusing on your bottom-line. Because offering value is our #1 priority.

A focused mind performs better

With human concentration capping at around 10 hours per day, wasting time on technology is an expensive affair - and brings negativity into to your business.

There is no point in delay. We eliminate all problems related to your IT and even optimize communication and processes. Through us, IT becomes a catalyst for growth.
"We now look at Arakÿta as a partner, not a vendor, and they have since built out the technology stack for an additional office location. "
Aaron E. Mechling, KMG Fiduciary Partners
ROI is not off the table

A long term vision on your bottom line

We know how to maximize ROI on your investments - and how to make your business more efficient.

Increase the lifespan of your computer hardware.
The opportunity to upgrade your processes with tried-and-tested methods, which are proven to reduce the amount of time spent on tasks.
100% up-time ensures you do not incur unnecessary costs.
Processes that have proven positive ROI
Learn how we fixed company X's problem Y

Testimonial Video

"Concorde partnered with Arakÿta in June of 2018 and we have been completely satisfied with our decision.  

They understand the needs of our firm, are incredibly responsive, and collaborate with us to find new ways to help streamline processes within our business."

We manage IT - and optimize processes

Join Concorde, a regional player with hundreds of staff. They currently benefit from stable IT, immediate support and fluent workflows.

For mature businesses with over 25 staff

Our extensive experience across multiple industries allows us to anticipate problems better than anyone else.

"Dennis and Arakÿta designed and sourced our entire technology platform.

Everything from the hardware to the technology vendors to – ultimately and most importantly – back office support, Dennis’s team at Arakÿta delivered!"

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