ÿSphere is an all-inclusive solution developed to provide customers with computer services that are simple to manage and easy to afford. The packages offered include maintenance, software, and service, combined into an affordable monthly payment.


Proactive, Not Reactive

What’s the biggest challenge with modern technology? Security updates and maintenance. ÿSphere provides a proactive managed service with an easily projected budget expense, in contrast with wildly fluctuating monthly bills that can occur due to break/fix methodology. Our managed platform covers up to five devices per user, from cellular phones to the cloud, and everything in between.


Need Help?

Imagine… Your workday is progressing as usual, but when you try to print the report you’ve been working on all day; it just won’t print! What do you do? Call ÿDesk! ÿDesk is our fully-staffed help desk that is here to help with your tech problems. From Android to Windows 10, our support staff will help when you need it most. (Details on supported products, devices, software and hours of operation, are listed on our supported products page)

ÿSphere Services:

  • A management system that provides full life-cycle asset control
    • Complete system hardware and software inventory
    • Complete system documentation
    • Remote device management and reporting
    • Operating systems and third-party software patch updates
    • Multiple daily backups of Microsoft 365 environment including, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange email, and Teams.
  • Antivirus / Malware Protection – used to prevent, detect, and remove viruses
  • ÿDesk – Provides the customer with unlimited customer phone, email and portal support
  • Management Portal that allows customers to create, view, and manage their own IT service tickets, projects, and invoices
  • Customer-controlled scheduling of remote technical support sessions
  • Remote Access – Provides remote access to any device we are maintaining
  • Enhanced onboarding and if necessary offboarding of users and endpoints
  • Microsoft 365 or Office 365 License and License Management (Based upon the option selected)



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