Microsoft 365 implementation & optimization

We migrate, configure, optimize and train staff in Microsoft 365 - and specialize in organizations with 20 to 2500 users.

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Does your business need help with Microsoft 365?

Are you looking to improve collaboration between employees?
Are your files disorganized, spread across multiple locations and/or missing back-ups?
Is your organization's performance feeling sluggish, or slower than it should be?
Effectively utilize the whole Microsoft 365 suite of solutions.
Work from anywhere, effectively and securely.
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“Arakyta has a long-standing history and a respected client base. We look forward to establishing new relationships and to collaborate on achieving your vision.”
Dennis Schröder, CEO
Why us?

Benefit from all its features

We excel at the three components necessary for a successful implementation of M365; the first is an installation with neurotic attention to detail and the optimization of settings and security options.

The second task is the tailoring of the apps to fit the organization's exact needs and processes; connecting them with each other. This often includes a process-discovery session.

Finally, we coach the management and team, ensuring adoption of the updated processes.

Arakyta, an official Microsoft Partner

We ensure that we completely understand your business' goals.

We evaluate your processes, consult on process strategy and implement your optimized Microsoft 365 solution.

This makes your business significantly more competitive and secure.
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Experienced and a proven track-record

We have helped many organizations of all sizes.

Cost-effective implementations

Microsoft 365 implementations do not have to be costly.

Worry-free execution

Regardless of complexity. We know how to guide management and employees.

Why choose Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 offers the full suite of digital solutions for small to large-size corporations, extending far beyond well-known Apps such as Word, Excel, Teams and Sharepoint.

Microsoft 365 is designed specifically to improve collaboration between teams; allowing organizations with 10 to 100,000 members to work together effectively - from any device.
“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle

Explore 365's most desirable applications

Are you ready to leverage the full suite of tools within Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Teams is more than just a video-calling app. It includes document sharing tools and an online workspace, so your team can collaborate securely on projects wherever they are.
OneDrive and Sharepoint are online data storage applications, which provide structure to your data and disaster recovery capabilities (when setup by a professional).  
Cybersecurity solutions are included in Microsoft 365.
Microsoft’s suite of Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
Enterprise-class email storage

We support national players and SMB's alike

Learn how we fixed company X's problem Y

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Local to Toledo

Arakÿta is situated in Toledo. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we maintain with our customers.

"Concorde partnered with Arakÿta in June of 2018 and we have been completely satisfied with our decision.  

They understand the needs of our firm, are incredibly responsive, and collaborate with us to find new ways to help streamline processes within our business."

We manage IT - and optimize processes

Struggling to access your documents? Do you want to migrate away from using paper?

Our custom solutions include ÿDoc Vault, ÿSphere, ÿCompliance and ÿCyber.

We cater to firms with over 10 staff

Our extensive experience across various industries allows us to anticipate problems better than anyone else.

"Dennis and Arakÿta designed and sourced our entire technology platform.

Everything from the hardware to the technology vendors to – ultimately and most importantly – back office support, Dennis’s team at Arakÿta delivered!"

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“I love how effective Jason was. He got ON IT!”

Brian Acosta, London
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