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Cortney Schaefer

President and Executive Management Consultant


Cortney’s understanding of business and the importance of work ethic flourished as an adolescent. In order to pay her way through college, she spent a majority of her high school and college free time running the family business. Upon the completion of high school and following the receipt of her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus in accounting, Cortney spent time working with a plethora of organizations. While employed with many great companies in various positions, Cortney realized her true passion was growing and transforming organizations through analysis and strategy. Cortney had previously worked with Dennis on a project and because of the continuous crossing of their professional paths and the appreciation for each other’s perspectives and contributions within the industry, their formal collaboration more than five years ago has led to Arakÿta as we know it today.

In her role as President, Cortney is responsible for a large portion of the higher level strategy development. This includes offering perspective and problem-solving services to clients, facilitating internal brainstorming sessions, and finding new ways to combine Arakÿta’s services in a way that redefines the Pareto optimal solution.

What book do you recommend all aspiring business professionals read before joining the workforce?
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell because it exposes novices to the importance of following your gut and listening to your intuition.
What do you consider your best trip?
Going to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula every year to our extremely remote cabin. Although it isn’t glamorous it certainly is a nice way to ‘unplug’.
What is your favorite pastime?
Growing up I was very involved in music and loved spending time in the outdoors.