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Dennis Schroder

Founder & CEO


Dennis discovered his passion for technology at the age of 15. Diving head first into technology, Dennis grew his knowledge of hardware and networking eventually inspiring the startup of his first sole proprietorship at 22 years old. This business venture led to the startup of DigiComm Technology in January of 1996. After meeting our now President, Cortney Schaefer in 2000, Dennis decided that a partnership and blending of passions could make for a unique service offering; this became Arakÿta.

The goal? Provide a holistic, and seamless solution to clients so they do not have to worry about the work Arakÿta handles. As a result, these businesses can now focus on what it is they do best. To effectively lead a team like this, requires Dennis to look at operations from the 30,000-foot view yet also understand the one-foot view. Between Dennis’ knowledge and leadership competencies, as well as his incredibly talented teammates, Arakÿta is able to deliver its clients a superior business experience and solution.



What is your favorite childhood memory?
Making the cross-country trek to California as a kid and camping with family along the way.
What do you consider your hobbies to be?
Golfing, reading, and riding my motorcycle!
Which business related book would you recommend aspiring business professionals read?
Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It makes you think about why you do what you do.