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Kellie Loar

Senior Financial Consultant


Arakÿta is proud of our many “Jack of All Trades”. Falling under this category is Senior Finance Consultant, Kellie Loar. Kellie’s endgame entails effectively leading the internal finance team through daily operations, however, with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting Kellie also aids in the preparation of clients’ financial documents and analyzing the data. Consequently, she is able to provide clients with suggestions and recommendations related to their organizational efficiency and performance improvement decisions—after all, the numbers don’t lie. Through her experience Kellie has had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations, including both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. This abundance of encounters has aided Kellie and the finance team in developing solutions unique to each client. In other words, they work diligently to avoid becoming “a cookie-cutter solution”, and find pride in their clients’ individual success.




What would your super power of choice be?
The ability to clone myself, most times I could benefit from being in two places at once.
What actress would play you in a movie?
Clearly I am not British, but I would have to say, Kate Winslet.
Which book tops the list of your favorite reads?
The classic Pride and Prejudice has always been my favorite.