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Lori Tuckerman

Director of Operations


Being the Director of Operations at Arakÿta is similar to being an air traffic controller. Essentially, Lori’s overarching responsibility is to make sure “all of the planes stay in the air”. This means understanding the clients’ needs and desires, effectively communicating this to her team, providing her team the necessary tools to create such an outcome, and seeing the process through until the end. Having said this, it has been and still is dynamic to Lori’s success to be a relationship management extraordinaire. Through her experience she has gained the ability to do just that, and as a result maximizes workforce efficiency and more importantly client satisfaction.




What is your favorite past time?
Reading a good novel has always been a favorite, but also I am very passionate about spending my time serving and volunteering in the community, school and at church.
What are some of your hobbies?
Cooking a nice family dinner and playing the piano have also been a way to unwind and something I truly enjoy.
Interesting, random fact about yourself?
I try to use fresh herbs from my own container garden and locally grown produce for prepared meals.