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Susie Myrice

Business Consultant


The billing department is a vital function of most healthcare providers, but often times finding talented individuals to fill these spots can sometimes prove more difficult than originally anticipated. Here at Arakÿta, we have the pleasure of working alongside Susie Myrice, one of our business consultants. Some of Susie’s predominant responsibilities include transmitting and posting payments, processing payroll, accounts receivable, and bad debt collection. With this general knowledge, Susie has developed expertise related to everything Medicaid. This in-depth training has established Susie’s skills related to the posting of EOB’s as well as addressing and resubmitting rejections. More importantly, this skill set has stressed the importance of handling these responsibilities with empathy and compassion, as well as having a true understanding of customer relations. This unique combination of knowledge and talent has allowed Susie to successfully work alongside clients’ internal workforces for the past decade.

What would be your super power of choice?
I would like to be invisible. With a young daughter, time to myself doesn’t exist.
What TV show must you always watch?
I am addicted to America’s Got Talent.
What do you consider to be your worst habit?
It is hard to get rid of my daughter’s old stuff, they are keepsakes to me.