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Terrah Schaefer

Business Consultant


Paying bills are just one component of the vicious cycle we call life. For a business, the importance is heightened even more. With this in mind, having a reliable and emotionally intelligent individual in charge of account payable and account receivable items is detrimental to success. Luckily for us here at Arakÿta, Terrah Schaefer, one of our business consultants specializes in the AP/AR realm of the business world. Over the course of her career she has learned how to collect payments from our clients’ customers and turn those funds into payment for the organization’s bills, however, the importance should be placed on Terrah’s ability to simultaneously demonstrate compassion, empathy, and relatability. Through her emotional intelligence, Terrah is able to make the most painful part of receiving a product or service, the payment, as painless as possible for our clients’ clientele.

What is your favorite thing about Arakÿta’s culture?
We are all self-motivators and go-getters, the need for a ‘breathe down your back administration’ is nonexistent.
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
I am not a twin! Most people think my sister and I are twins, but in reality, I am four years older.
Which actress would play you in a movie?
Melissa McCarthy because she has a big personality, a great sense of humor, and seems to be pretty down to Earth.