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Tracey Smith

Senior Business Consultant


Over the years, Tracey has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s in Business Administration. These experiences have shed light on the importance of understanding both the nitty gritty data as well as the overhead message that is being delivered, either directly or indirectly by the client. In most instances this means collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, then making sense of it all. This set of skills and abilities allows Tracey to have a business executive mindset and the data to defend her position. Knowing this, client organizations are able to focus more of their attention on what they specialize in. Organizations working alongside Tracey can expect to see an increase in time management abilities amongst the management team, a more accurate understanding of financial status, and an increase in decision-making accuracy.

What is a hobby of yours?
Taking our boat out on the water during the summer months!
What do you consider your best childhood memory?
I would say the whole thing. I had a very strong family focused upbringing.
Tell us an interesting, random fact about yourself.
I have phenomenal family support on both sides of the family.