Arakÿta’s back office support is responsive and efficient

“Before partnering with Arakÿta, we were in the process of leaving a Fortune 500 Company and starting our own firm.  We were looking for a technology partner, and we knew we would still have the same technological infrastructure and support needs. Dennis and Arakÿta were referred to us by a friend who was using them in a similar capacity.  We explained our needs (or, at least what we thought they were) to Arakÿta in detail: hardware, software, and support.  We were very dependent on technology and were extremely concerned about the ability of anyone to deliver the entire “package” at the level we were used to. 

Dennis and Arakÿta designed and sourced our entire technology platform. Everything from the hardware to the technology vendors to – ultimately and most importantly – back office support, Dennis’s team at Arakÿta delivered!  It was as if we had never left the Fortune 500 organization. 

Arakÿta’s back office support is responsive and efficient – far better than what we were accustomed to.  The hardware, software, and network Arakÿta provided exceeded our expectations!  We now look at Arakÿta as a partner, not a vendor, and they have since built out the technology stack for an additional office location. 

We would eagerly recommend Arakÿta to anyone looking to outsource their technology stack, back office, or any other technological needs.”

Aaron E. Mechling, CRPS®, KMG Fiduciary Partners