1. This year’s Bob Wick Community Service award winner is Arakyta.

    The Bob Wick Community Service Award was established in 1998….   The Jewish Federation and its affiliated agencies have been partners with Arakyta and its owner Dennis Schroder for 15 years.  Arakyta provides all our technical support on our computers, servers and most recently phones. When we have a technical problem, they go above and beyond what they are contracted for by providing in d…Read More

    Bob Wick Community Service
  2. I would want no one else fixing the problem other than the arakÿta team!

    “Our company has been with arakÿta for almost 10 years and I wouldn’t even think of going somewhere else! The services provided allow us flexibility in scheduling as well as immediate response in a crisis. The knowledge and experience these people have not only helped me with my network and IT but also in purchasing computers and software to our web site hosting. If there is a problem with an…Read More

    Associated General Contractors and Construction Contractors Council