Meeting regulatory requirements in Healthcare or Finance

What causes compliance problems? Lack of endpoint management, human error, hardware issues, and environmental factors can all contribute. Implementing endpoint and network monitoring is one of the most basic and simple ways to prevent these outages from happening in the first place.  Endpoint and network monitoring provide the visibility needed to stay one step ahead of potential issues. By showing live network performance data in an easy-to-read interface, endpoint and network monitoring software helps us identify compliance problems that could cause regulatory problems for your business. 

ÿCompliance is an in-depth solution developed to enable Financial and Healthcare Organizations to meet stringent regulatory requirements in a simple and effective manner.

Know your systems and network
Encrypt and protect documents and data
Document management

Encrypt and Protect  
Communication and compliance can go hand in hand with the proper planning, implementation, and management. Making sure all of your systems are setup with the proper type and level of encryption will ensure compliance for these systems. Using encrypted email will ensure sensitive data is not exposed to others while traversing the internet to the intended recipient. 

Advanced Threat Containment  
Email phishing and bad actors are on the rise and are causing more loss of data and unnecessary expenses for businesses than ever before. The average cost of a phishing attack for a mid-size company is $1.6 million. Being able to minimize this threat is paramount for regulated companies. The Advanced Threat Protection solution will scan emails in a sandbox environment before releasing them to your inbox, thus helping to mitigate the harm these emails can pose.  

Document Controls  
With data loss prevention policies and labeling of proprietary or regulated documents, your organization can control the flow of information inside and outside of the organization. These controls will allow your organization to set what type of access, if any, an individual or group is allowed. The granular nature of these policies can be such that you may allow view access, but not print ability or you may allow view and print ,but not allow the document to be forwarded and all these permissions can be set to expire when your organization decides.   

ÿCompliance includes everything necessary to hit a 100% success rate for your regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Complete asset inventory
Complete firewall / router / switch / access point / power management with access control monitoring and reporting
Network intrusion monitoring, reporting and documentation
Endpoint / Server Email encryption
Advanced Threat Protection with real-time email link website scanning
Endpoint device encryption
Full monitoring and reporting of endpoints to ensure regulatory compliance
Data Loss Prevention policies and labels created and placed on document storage locations
Portable device management and monitoring (This is a nominal monthly add-on)
Security awareness training
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