Maximizing your security

ÿCyber is a comprehensive solution that was developed to provide customers with the security features necessary for a truly top-tier protected computing environment.

The dark web, cyber, and network monitoring give you the visibility needed to stay one step ahead of potential issues and/or attacks. By monitoring these areas and tracking live network performance data in an easy-to-read interface, you can identify outages that could potentially cause bottlenecks for your business.

Gain immediate ROI
Stay ahead of outages
Manage increasingly complex networks

While no solution exists which can automatically detect and repel all threats to your organization, ÿCyber gets you as close to it as possible.

Dark web, cyber, and network monitoring makes problem-solving easier and faster for time-strapped businesses. Whether you’re dealing with a compromised password, denial of service attack, or a hardware error, our monitoring tools will bring attention to these matters and address them appropriately.

The ability to see the source of issues cuts down on tedious troubleshooting time, while getting ahead of security breaches, network problems, and outages reduces the overall IT expense to your organization. In an outage, time is money.

A security solution that extends itself far beyond the regular internet. ÿCyber is designed to provide further protection to organizations which make regular targets for cyber attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring of business and user information
Cyber Monitoring – SIEM aggregation and reporting
Network LAN / WAN Monitoring
Internet filtering – filters web traffic and eliminates threats, such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, and other junk mail before reaching the end user.
Phishing and Security Awareness Training
Microsoft 365 or Office 365 License and License Management (Based upon the option selected)
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