Premium, all-encompassing IT support

ÿSphere is an all-inclusive IT-management solution developed to answer a customer's cries for an outsourced IT system that is reliable and easy to afford. The package offers unlimited maintenance, software, and service.

Not only that, we have structured the incentives in such a way that we both enjoy financial reward when your systems are stable. If you suffer a slowdown, we do not charge for all the work involved to fix it; this ensures that we implement powerful solutions, rather than using band-aids.

See all the supported products by ÿSphere
ÿDesk: unlimited phone, email and digital support
Covers multiple devices per user
Carefree, outsourced IT management
Cost efficiency and smoother operations

Organizations start feeling a serious need for IT support quite quickly. Yet, to splurge a full salary's worth, might not be the most efficient use of your resources.

ÿSphere replaces your in-house IT support with an outsourced model that guarantees a higher quality service, at a lower cost. Beating in-house IT on both fronts.

Using ÿSphere, you can count on a stable IT-environment, while also grabbing the opportunities that advancements in technology might represent to your industry.

ÿSphere is a powerful set of solutions that ensure IT-stability and efficiency. Through ÿSphere, you can keep a bird's eye view on your organization's technology and enjoy robust security, as well as smooth systems and unlimited support.

See all the supported products by ÿSphere
ÿDesk: unlimited phone, email and digital support
Complete system hardware and software inventory
Complete system documentation
Antivirus / Malware Protection – used to prevent, detect, and remove viruses
Unlimited customer phone, email and portal support
Management Portal that allows customers to create, view, and manage their own IT service tickets, projects, and invoices
Remote Access – Provides remote access to any device we are maintaining
Enhanced onboarding and if necessary offboarding of users and endpoints
Microsoft 365 or Office 365 License and License Management (Based upon the option selected)
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